DigiClicksCo. - Sub Branch Of Clicks And Co. Marketing Agency

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DigiClicksCo. - Sub Branch Of Clicks And Co. Marketing Agency

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DIGICLICKSCO, the best Digital Marketing institute in Kharadi offers you a wide range of customized Digital Marketing training programs. In these courses, you’ll learn the practical application of Digital Marketing techniques with real-time industry projects.

With 20+ study modules, the partial authority on website handling, and technical support, you can create your own business. So go live with our Hand in Hand Digital Marketing approach

Learn Digital Marketing from DIGICLICKSCO, the best Digital Marketing institute in Kharadi, and get certified in Digital Marketing along with a 3-month experience letter.

Get Hands-on experience and practical guidance for Digital Marketing apprenticeship under us.

Important Modules

Just a satart

Graphics Designing

Website Development

Social media marketing

Email Marketing


Telecom Marketing

Lead generation

Content Marketing

Our Mission and Vision

What WE think for you

“Marketing drives business, business drives employment, employment drives standard and standard drives Human Development”

DIGICLICKSCO is dedicated to providing completely accessible and affordable Digital Marketing training programs to train youngsters and all those who are aspiring to become Digital Marketing specialists.

Through these efforts, we wish to assimilate a big section of youngsters and marketing aspirants for covering every small vendor, business, and institute under Digital Marketing platforms by 2025.

Why choose us.

Placement Guarantee

We are connected with major leading brands and business who are looking to hire a Marketing specialists.

Real Time Industry Projects

We provide the best training under which you’ll also learn the ins and outs of real industry project

Experienced Faculty

Our faculties have more than 3 years of industry experience along with 100+ Industry projects. Learn from the best

Best Technical support

We also provide technical support to give you a complete understanding of being a Marketing expert

Let’s talk about our mother company

Our headquaters

DIGICLICKSCO, the best Digital Marketing institute in Kharadi is a subsidiary company of ClicksandCo marketing agency. With 40+ leading brands as clients such as TATA Motors, etc. from numerous sectors like Automation, Telecom, Fashion, Food, Clothing, Educational institutes, organizations, etc. ClicksAndCo. is one of the leading names in Digital Marketing in entire Maharashtra.

Learn Digital Marketing from DIGICLICKSCO – the best Digital Marketing institute in Kharadi (powered by ClicksandCo) and get certified in Digital Marketing along with a 3 month experience letter.

So what are you waiting for come train from the best Digital Marketing institute in Kharadi


what they said to us

This is the second time we worked with Clicks and Co. Really efficient communication and swift reaponse time. Always available to service client. Completed a 2.25 lacs SMS campaign in 3-4 hours with Delivery Reports - Awesome. Continue the good work team.

Soumik Saha

Tata motors, Thane

We are using several services from Clicks and Co. and we are very happy to see the support, Guidance, and Commitment of excellence in their services. We're thankful for all you are doing for our business growth.

Pushkar Divekar

Mahindra Unnati Motors, Pune

Our Clients

We have clients from all sectors

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